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Claire Chesnier – CCXXXII, ink on paper – 2013 – 144 X 132 cm

Do days, of lace, crochet, embroidery and needlepoint, knitting and watercolour, as many jobs of needles, feathers and fine brushes that have long returned the so-called decency Dame works domestic, the sedentarization of the female existence and the testing patience which the worst of bourgeois thought idealised and assagissait thus a masochistic women fantasy.
But all that once characterized recent reductive way – the delicacy, precision, patience, attention to detail, refinement, qualities sung by pejorative enthusiasm – is today recovered by women artists in analytical and critical perspectives.
Conceptual abstraction, the exotic clichés, fetish eroticism mark this work carried the obsessive repetition, scholarly perseverance and physical performance at work in ancient works. The latter reflected the sexual submission; they now constitute the contemporary plastic sensitivity of otherwise… suitable ladies!
Claire Chesnier, Marie Drouet, Leyla Goormaghtigh, Marie Hazard, Emeline Piot are all virtuosos ladies in their books through which they invite to visit continents Visual and mental ultimately little explored.

Dominique Païni

> Invited artists:

She lives and works in Paris.
In keeping with the minimal tradition, Claire Chesnier offers vibrant color cut net shapes that float in the white space of a sheet of paper. She develops a singular painting, painting of impregnation, painting of ascetic also where the ritual of the gesture, the slowness of the process have their importance. By this color, by this light, Claire Chesnier makes us reach where everything starts, everything grows and everything returns.
Claire Chesnier is represented by the Gallery of the day-Agnes b.

She lives and works in Nantes.
It was in 2000, that Marie Drouet rediscovers and revives the practice of drawing. And in 2007, it will develop its work specifically on the theme of the hair that she painted in ink on paper. Invariably repetitive gesture, Marie Drouet installs in a sort of trance from which are born of thousands of sensual lines creating a landscape of hair. Most of these unfold freely without any restrictions as a hymn to freedom, another sensitive theme for this artist.

She lives and works in Bern.
Leyla Goormaghtigh built a space where assemble geometric shapes impossible or not, organic elements in a perspective constantly called into question. A clean world creates both transgressive and dreamlike pretext to explore new territories of the representation but also to address more intimate topics such as male/female.

She lives and works in Paris.
Emeline Piot belongs to this family of artists whose asceticism would lie rather in the development process in the form. Baroque, polysemic, proliferative. The work seems driven by the horrorvacuii. Ink sometimes colonizes paper, sometimes the skull of an animal and in fact impervious new legends, fantastic civilization and subtle entities.
The artist is a mythology – yet our service, not quite own – which does happen eventually in the emergence of the stroke. Alternate history, timeless into the abolition of the time who does rise, Emeline Piot work does any concept, it precedes all.

Christian Berst
Member of the College critical of 59th Salon de Montrouge, 2014


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