Emeline Piot

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« Emeline Piot belongs to this artists' family the asceticism of which would be situated rather in the process of elaboration than in the shape. Baroque, polysemous, proliferating. The work seems moved by the horrorvacuii. The ink colonizes sometimes the paper, sometimes the skull of an animal and in fact to rise from new legends, from fantastic civilizations and from subtle entities. The artist is in the service of a mythology - not still ours, not completely his - which happens finally only in the appearance of the line. Uchronique, timeless to the abolition of the time which creates it, the work of Piot proceeds of no concept, it precedes them all. » Christian Berst


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In her drawings, Emeline wants that the color breaks the black and the white and invites itself in our spirit. The latter colors what he reknows to it or what he imagines itself.

In her paints, she proposes a personal colorization of her drawings. It is a hallucination of the reality the codes of which are disrupted there.


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"The vegetable, the animal, the former and contemporary mythologies are the actors of my work. My works are the mirror of its dreams and my dreams; no need for a guard. The man is not represented to it he is just spectator ".

In her sculptures, she wonders about our society, the forgetting and the duty of remembrance of a nature formerly worshipped.

So far from thinking that "the human is in the center of everything", she mystifies the animal translating the metaphor of a revival.